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I really enjoyed this one, which is why I should stop being lazy & write a full review for it. (It’s worthy of one, for sure.)

I don’t know how Pitcock did it, but somehow she managed to take the MOST ANNOYING trope of all romances I’ve read (spending half the book with both MC’s pining/thinking the other one doesn’t want more) and make her book un-put-downable. If you like your romance with an extra helping of best friends slowly falling in love instead of insta-love, I’d reccomend you give Just Friends a try.

I zoomed through this is one sitting.

I also want to note that it’s so rare that I come across a genuine Young Adult that I can say I enjoyed from start to finished. YA these days is either adult genre content with teenaged characters (not complaining, but still) OR it’s teenaged children who have the maturity level of elementary schoolers. This was REAL Young Adult & I enjoyed every minute of it… even the parts that pissed me off because they reminded me of my adolescent years and I already knew the outcome of the MCs’ choices.

And while it didn’t actually set off the waterworks (certified marshmallow ova here), I did get a little choked up at a few parts. I found myself either smiling or laughing for 85% of the book because these kids are just too damn cute! This was Indeed a Swoon(y) Read.

4 Ramble-Worthy Stars

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